Sunday, February 5, 2012

We're Sharing The Love

We have something fun to tell you about this week. We found out about this great program – Rolling Readers – and their February promotion – “Share Your Love of Reading.” The group’s goal is to get children to fall in love with reading by getting ordinary folks to read aloud to them. We both remember getting read to as children and we still like it now that we are grandparents.  We are certainly all in favor of children falling in love with books.

This month, Rolling Readers is promoting a Valentine’s Day “Share Your Love of Reading” with spontaneous read-alouds and YouTube positings of San Diegans reading out loud from their favorite books. Lynn’s going to it for us. She’ll be reading from our recently published novel The Valentine’s Game. Not only will her reading be particularly appropriate given the day and the book’s theme, but it will come one week after what will be a very emotional and highly confidential program she’s putting on at Poway High. She’ll need the chance to do something a little more lighthearted.

In honor of both Rolling Readers and our participation in “Share Your Love of Reading,” we are giving away The Valentine’s Game  for free to anyone who wants to read it. For the month of February, you can go to and click on any of the “Free Book” links then follow the easy instructions on how to get your own copy of The Valentine’s Game. After that, you can read along with Lynn when we get her posted on YouTube.

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