Saturday, July 16, 2011

Being Interviewed

We had our first joint interview this week. A reporter from the Pomerado News organization ( talked to us together over the phone. We think it went well. Hopefully next week or the week after you’ll see a story headline like “Charming local couple writes eBook to support high school students” and not something like “Popular high school teacher has been married to troll for thirty-three years.” Lynn, who has some experience at these things, is fairly confident it will be along the lines of the first headline. Evans, who thought the reporter seemed a little too unbelieving when we said that we didn’t argue when we jointly create our novels, fears it might be closer to the second headline.

Lynn is probably right. Unlike Evans, who can’t remember when someone was interested in his opinion when the terms “database,”  “computer,” or “software program” weren’t included in the question, Lynn has lots of experience talking to reporters. Most of the time the subject matter is about an exceptional student she knows or the work she does at Poway High. Occasionally it’s much more sad and serious.  It has been a little over a year since Lynn had to endure a most difficult experience, one she hopes she’ll never have to repeat. These, of course, were the interviews about Chelsea King.

Still, it was different answering questions about writing and our eBook while we could hear each other’s answers. Talking out loud is a little scary. There’s no chance to go back and edit your answers like there is when you write them down and there’s always the fear that the reporter writes down something completely different than what you think you said. Looking back, Evans thinks that his responses might have been overly long and technical. Lynn thinks Evan’s replies showed that he was enthusiastic about the subject matter. Evan hopes she’s right, but has a nagging suspicion that Lynn has to think that way. Otherwise, how could she have stayed married to a troll for so long?

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