Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Reviews Are In!

Some of you have finished reading Bobbie Titan in the Mark of Kain and some of you have been kind enough to review it. We’re going to share some of the reviews in this week’s post.

A parent, Diane Urbach, wrote: Bobbie Titan in the Mark of Kain by Lynn Evans is an invigorating and original action packed teen adventure. The authors are able to draw from a wealth of knowledge collected by Traci (aka Lynn of Lynn Evans) as a seasoned guidance counselor with the benefit of over 30 years of insider perspective offering an unprecedented insight into the inner workings of high school teens. The novel is a quirky composition full of empathy and sass. Bobbie Titan in the Mark of Kain is a gift to parents struggling with taciturn teens and teens dealing with the often tumultuous transition to adulthood.

Diana Gremore wrote her review from Peru: Bobbie Titan in the Mark of Kain is a great fun and entertaining book for summer reading. Downloading it online was no problem and was easy to read on my summer vacation. Having the book on my computer actually made it easier for me to read, since I spend so much time on the computer anyway. Also, the book transports the reader in to the exciting world of these amazingly cool super-teens, and it wasn't long before I started thinking in terms of "Kain cells" and picturing the super-powered "Barbies" and "Kens." If you have any time for an enjoyable, easy read, I recommend this. 

Our daughter, Laura Worthen, wrote in Ok, so I am a little biased on this book, since it was written by my parents and I got to be one of the editors. Still, it's a good book on its own merit (the second favorite for me of all my dad's books). Bobbie Titan was born with a type of cancer that can be eradicated by a treatment that turns kids into modern day superheroes. Her super power is different than everyone else's at the Kane Institute, but it's a good thing because they need her ability to interpret people's past and present to save a government plot gone bad. I'm looking forward to more Bobbie Titan adventures (especially because I personally requested a love story for the next one).

Finally, a former student, Stephanie McCann told us: After reading the book Bobbie Titan in the Mark of Kain, I felt it had met my expectations of a book. I felt like I was a part of the book, liking the same boys Bobbie did, liking her friends. I enjoyed the action that carried on in the "challenges," also the dangerous action in her being hunted down when she was forced to take off and hide. I only wish the book had been longer, I didn't want it to be over.

Needless to say, we’re tickled by the responses to our novel thus far.

Now for a plea. We’ve sold ten Kindle versions of Bobbie Titan in the Mark of Kain so far. If you’re one of those who purchased the book on Amazon, we would love it if you could go back on and review our eBook. Since Amazon sells more books than anyone else, it will really help us with our efforts to raise money for Poway High Student Services. Thanks in advance.

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