Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Second Career

We guess it isn’t surprising that, at the start of our second careers, our feelings have been reversed.

For the last three decades, Lynn has been passionate about helping young people as a high school teacher and counselor. While Evans has enjoyed the mental challenges that come with being a systems analyst, he has found his la joie de vivre outside the job. At first this included writing stories, poems, and plays for the family. Recently, as it has dawned on him that his creative energy could be the foundation for becoming “a real live novelist,” Evans has begun to be consumed by his passion for turning wild ideas into books. The necessity to commute for the fat paycheck is growing ever more burdensome and he has begun to be quite possessive of his writing time. Meanwhile, Lynn has begun the slow transition from the “Queen of Poway High School” into the west coast champion grandma with eyes toward a national title. While excited by the idea of having books out with her moniker, the current grind required to make that a reality hasn’t thrilled her.

This attitude reversal has naturally led to some tensions for our famous pair. After years of putting her job first, Evan believes it’s time to make their collaboration the top priority. Lynn is still emotionally invested in her school, her children, and her grandchildren. She needs time to reorder her life. Evans pushes. Lynn counsels patience. There is now strain that hasn’t been felt in the relationship since there were young children and not enough money.

Don’t be worried. We’re not. We’ve worked through harder issues and we know that when it gets right down to it, we are each other’s lives. Also we have our first big release coming out in about a month so you can help save our marriage by downloading our eBook.  J/K  


  1. To be fair, Lynn has seen Evans be passionate about many things in their lives which he isn't so passionate about any more. I'm sure she'd love more excitement about her hobbies too. Maybe not so much dissing American Idol or joining her for some last-place baseball. :)

  2. Evans says "don't get me started on the Padres." Lynn replies, "leave me alone - the game is on!"