Saturday, April 2, 2011

EBook Hunting for Fun and Profit

Books are changing. EBooks will be a liberating force for both writers and readers. No longer will those of us with stories to share and those who wish to discover those stories be shackled by what we like to refer to as the “tyranny of paper.”

We understand why some readers have a hard time believing that the eBook revolution is something to get excited about. So many of today’s e-only books are poorly written. It sometimes feels like a reader must wade through a sea of e-garbage before they find a jewel. However, we’re sure this will change. Once they realize they’ve been set free from the constraints of the publishing oligarchs, good writers who are unwilling to endure a system designed to “churn out more of the same” will produce memorable e-only books. While others believe these fine works will be lost in a sea of mediocrity, we believe they will find a large and loving audience. Why? Because eBooks are a new treasure anyone can hunt.

Every eBook distribution avenue we’ve investigated offer affiliations. Simply by providing a link, the owner of a blog or website can make money when a reader clicks through and buys the recommended eBook. Right now, most of the affiliated sites seem to stress quantity over quality. However, some discerning soul is going to figure out how their love of good eBooks can be turned into gold when readers like us click-in to see what he or she is reading that week. Somewhere there is an eOprah waiting to emerge; probably more than one. Their ability to ferret out good e-reads will lead readers to new joy in the written word and well earned remuneration for finding e-treasures. If we weren’t so busy trying to figure out this brave new eBook writing, publishing, and marketing, we would give it a shot ourselves. We certainly plan to at least dabble. So don’t be surprised when you see a link to someone else’s eBook here. We’re not averse to digging up a little e-booty. Yo Ho Ho. 

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