Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Fantastic Liberation

As our loyal readers know, Lynn Evans isn’t afraid of the fantastic. Even when we are touching on subjects of the heart, like we did in The Valentine’s Game, or are diving into teenage angst, like in the Bobbie Titan novels, we love stretching the story past the everyday into the whimsical realms of our imaginations. But in these obviously fictional stories, we tried to keep it “feeling real.” Even when we describe some event that is clearly beyond the boundaries of what is possible, we want the reader to come away feeling like it could happen that way.

In our latest novel, The Dragon Princess, we freed ourselves from even this last modest constraint and have allowed our imaginations to run wild. This time we want the reader to go somewhere they’ve never been, to experience wonders that are only real inside our dreams, and meet characters they can’t meet anywhere else. When you finish reading The Dragon Princess, we want you to feel like you’ve escaped mundane reality and have soared, at least briefly, beyond what you could have imagined.

Inventing a world wholly within our minds was an immensely liberating experience. It is amazing where a story can take you when the only limitation is what you can think up. We wanted a place where even earthly prejudices could take flight, literally. We wanted a place where nobility was earned, beauty was unquestionably in the eye of the beholder, and where the unexpected was common place. If our advanced readers are to be believed, we just might have accomplished it.

We have finished updating the story based on the comments we received, and the novel is in the hands of our editor. With a little luck and a little more effort, this spring you should be able to find out how well we can imagine somewhere you’ve never been before.

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