Saturday, September 10, 2011

We Could Use Your Help!

This week we need your help. We have just submitted our second novel to our e-publisher to begin the conversion and preparation for distribution. With the last book, since we were donating the proceeds, we were cool with giving the book its own website ( What we worried about then was “short.” We wanted a link that could easily fit in a tweet. While it was that, it turns out that it was also easy to forget and we’ve spent a lot of time retelling people the link.

Now that we are going to have more than one book out in the virtual world we want one site where people can go to find out about any and all of our published works. Like, the site’s main function will be to point to locations where our eBooks can be purchased. It will also feature more comprehensive descriptions of the novels and post reviews we’ve received.

Our problem is what domain name to use. “” and “” are both taken. So is “” Hopefully you know that is our general collaboration website that we don’t want to redo into a book site. So, we need another domain name.

This is where you come in. We would really like to know your opinion. We want to quit putting up websites and concentrate on writing novels but we want you and all of your friends to visit us and buy eBooks. So we’ve provided a list of some of our favorites and would love it if you’d tell us which one you like. Just click comment at the bottom of this post, drop us a note on Facebook, or email us at Looking forward to hearing from you!

Available domains we like include: (with and without a hyphen in front of “books”);;;; we-r-lynnevans;;;

Lynn really hopes you don’t choose the last one – that’s Evans humor, folks!

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