Saturday, August 20, 2011

Picture Posting

This week’s post is about posts; more specifically about making our posts a little more interesting. To help with this we like to include pictures. The good ones we download from a royalty-free image site but, since we also like to keep it personal, we try to include a picture we’ve taken. This can be quite a challenge.

As you may have noticed by now, we are not particularly good photographers. We try to compensate for our technical shortcomings with originality. Usually this means setting up something at the kitchen table with the camera is set to automatic while it is perched on top of a stack of books. It can get pretty funny sometimes – pushing the camera’s timer and dashing into position while dodging the cat or some inanimate obstacle. It can also be amusing as we discuss what body part we want to get cropped out when we photoshop the result.

We’re not sure why we really go through all of the effort, except maybe that the blog is beginning to take on a life of its own. Still we’re pleased when our post pictures get noticed. The one we did when we were talking about a book with an alien theme received the most enthusiastic response so far. Our favorite was the one where Lynn has her fingers stuck in her ears. In these cases, and in a few others, we think we were able to capture a little of the fun we have together when we’re creating novels and in the rest of our lives. Hopefully you see it too.

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